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Attorneys Service Bureau provides a comprehensive set of investigative services for a wide variety of client needs and concerns.

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As a leading private investigative company, Attorneys Service Bureau knows the importance of confidentiality and thorough investigation. We also work to find and serve paperwork in legal matters, locating individuals using skip tracing, public records, and other information on hard-to-find or missing persons.

ASB also has experience with background searches and investigations. If you're considering a new hire, but want to verify their credentials and criminal records, the professional team at ASB can review years of records from government agencies, police departments, and other sources from around the nation to ensure that their past is clean.

Our team can also leverage these databases to help individuals dealing with repossession cases or those who have a deceased family member. We can help to locate and identify missing or unknown assets that you may be entitled to. Proudly serving Boise, Idaho, and the rest of Idaho since 1985, Attorneys Service Bureau is established as the leading investigative company in the area. Contact us to schedule a consultation.