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Jay V. Miller

Florida State University
Brigham Young University
Presidio of San Francisco Defense Language Institute

8th Special Forces
United States Army
Panama Canal Zone

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Legal Assistant:
Green & Sullivan Law Offices
Coulter Law Office
Levy Law Office
Longeteig Law Firm

General Manager:
Collections, Inc.

Process Server:
Legal Process Inc.
Attorneys Service Bureau, Inc.

About Attorneys Investigation Services Boise, ID

For more than three decades, lead investigator Jay Miller and his team of highly trained and professional investigation experts have worked alongside hundreds of law firms from across the country and have associated themselves with the best and leading names in the investigative industry.

Attorneys Service Bureau works diligently to make sure that every potential bit of valuable data and information is evaluated and verified through investigation services for Boise, ID before it is presented to our clients. The ASB office is fully staffed with highly trained and educated experts in document review and public record searches. We also house expert witnesses, couriers, and full-time process servers to follow every potential lead on your unique case. From background checks to finding a lost friend we handle every situation with the utmost care.

Our investigators will produce reports in a prompt fashion that are legible, well-researched, and fully admissible in a legal situation. In addition, our investigators will testify on behalf of clients without a subpoena.

Attorneys Service Bureau frequently networks with other investigating firms beyond Boise, Idaho, working with agencies and bureaus from around the U.S. and Canada. Our affiliates from coast-to-coast provide ASB clients with access to experts in every field of investigations.

Attorneys Service Bureau specializes in business and personal background searches as well as asset searches, process service, and courier duties. ASB also works within all limitations and restrictions required by the Privacy Act and other legislation, providing you the highest quality of professional and reliable service within the confines of the law.

For more information on ASB's courier services, process service, asset searches, or any other investigation needs, contact Attorneys Service Bureau today!